Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jaws and Dirty Santa

Just when you thought it was safe to get in the trailer.......  Sunny the Shark got the slot next to Splash.  Bad Sunny, Evil Sunny.....

Mallory and I played with the ponies a bit on Friday followed by lunch at Ron's with Spanish Fries.  We met at the farm where Mallory worked Trooper a bit and I did some Western neck reining practice with Splash.  We we cantering on a long rein through a tight corner when Splash tripped, almost went down and I lost a stirrup, Goosed my mount who bucked in protest and stopped.  I didn't fall off and we continued our ride.  No injury to horse (hopefully) or rider.  Whew.

After weeks of conflicting activities, the party lesson was on - sortof.  Mallory and Kathy were not available and Nancy was waiting to try a new horse.  On the way to Patty's, the truck was lurching badly all the way down 88 and I was worried about a horse down in the trailer or an engine problem.  Neither.  Sunny the Shark was busy biting Splash all the way.  Splash was stressed and sweaty and bloody.  Sunny had red lips.  Splash's injuries included broken skin as well as serious swelling in several areas so no saddle or riding possible.  Darn!  I used the water hose to clean the wounds and cool the swelling and doctored with nitrofurazone.  Sunny will ride in the front slot from now on.

Pico and Sunny got light work during their lessons.  Pico appears to be sound so we will be working him as well as Sunny back into shape. 

Then I saddled up Zoe for a lesson.  She was a little off so we worked on trail obstacles.  Zoe knows what to do, so doesn't wait for direction.  Mary played around on Beau so equine therapy was administered.

Sunday evening, at long last, the YaYa's had their annual Dirty Santa Party.  Delicious food, a little wine, and great friends - oh, and the Dirty Santa made his annual appearance.  I am voting for some sort of dirty Santa party more than once a year.

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