Friday, October 26, 2012

ODS/GCC Junior Dressage Camp

The Green Country Chapter of ODS presented the 3rd annual Junior Dressage Camp last weekend at Lily Pond Estates in Kellyville, OK.  Lily Pond is a "Three-Day Eventing" training and boarding facility with 13 indoor stalls and 10 turnout paddocks, outdoor dressage arena, stadium jumping arena, and a cross country course for intro through training levels - FABULOUS!  Enjoying free range of this beautiful facility are several feline and canine creatures as well as a yard pony and resident swan.  Angle, the Great Pyrenees, patrols the property vigilantly preventing intruders from making entry.

After picking up Mario and Trooper, we checked in and settled the horses into their stalls before gathering in the apartment for pizza and socializing.  The clinicians had dinner with us and quizzed the girls about their mounts and goals for the weekend.  Claudia Misner and Stacey Morrison gave each camper a lesson each day in groups of 2 or 3.  Electives were: Patty Couch/Drill Team and Nicole Wilkinson/PriCaprilli.
The girls were in charge of horse care and they were good horsemen, feeding/watering their animals before feeding themselves.  Between the lessons and horse care, there was a lot of giggling and pop music.  Lessons and electives filled the day Saturday with a vaulting demonstration by Nel Lobdell's Owasso Vaulting Team and a guest speaker on tap with dinner.  Trista Milliman gave an interesting presentation on  horse nutrition and the girls were attentive asking good questions.  Sunday morning came very early and the girls had their lessons in the morning.  The plan was to have a "Do-Over" type show in the afternoon.  Since the girls had double lessons as well as their electives, the horses and kids were very tired.  A vote was taken and the kids chose to have intense Q&A with their clinicians.  Each had a question for each teacher and all listened to answers and interesting discussion.  Interesting and educational.  Lisa Jewell joined us Sunday and took beautiful, professional portraits of the girls with their horses as well as the following group photo.  Lisa has gifted the girls with their choice of photo so check them out on her website. 
                              2012 ODS/GCC Jr Camp - Back (L-R) Hunter, Emma, Alaina, Roxy, Audry, Sami                            Front (L-R) Miranda, Ivy, Zoe, Megan
Finally, the wonderful organizers and chaperones did a great job with the camp.  Richal and Melissa did the heavy lifting getting the camp on track with help from Christiana.  I joined in as a chaperon, Mallory picked up the slack with Sam's Runs and Soda Emergency Rations and Nancy delivered veggie burgers and other snacks to fill in some holes.

I see all these girls as future YaYa Sisters and I can't wait to see them grow as horsewomen.

   arena, stadium jumping arena, and a cross country course for intro through training levels.f

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