Sunday, December 23, 2012

Its Almost Christmas!

The whirlwind of the holiday season is in full force but the temperatures have been in the 50's this weekend so Splash got worked two days in a row.  Much colder temperatures and maybe SNOW are  forecast for Christmas Day, so I plan to ride again tomorrow.

Since Pico was a little off last week, we left him home and Ivy took Sister to the party lesson and Alaina took Sunny.  The 007 girls, Sheila and Allison, joined the lesson with Nancy and me.  We did some lateral work and then practiced trail obstacles before we finished with a few roll-backs.  We missed Mallory and Roxy who were looking at draft horses in Antlers.

Ivy and I took the Sunday afternoon ride on Pico and Splash after Ivy worked Sister in the round pen.  Pico was moving ok with only an occasional tiny head bob.   Ivy is looking forward to showing Sister in ground classes and western next year.  Alaina plans on showing English including jumping on her.  Hope that works out with the 4-H rules.

It's official, the New Year's trail ride will be at the Walkerosa on New Year's Day - ride at 2pm and pot luck at 4pm.  Hope for good weather and that YaYa Sisters can start the new year off right.


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