Sunday, September 30, 2012

Splash and Sister and Pico

No shows this weekend after a 4 week show streak.  No worries - we had lots of horsey fun.  Only 4 members made drill Friday evening - Ashlyn, Roxy, Ivy and Alaina.  Mallory and I played with our ponies while the girls drilled.  Splash and I worked on some trail obstacles concentrating on back through poles and sidepass.  Splash backs fairly well most of the time but every now and then, balks and I have to get after him to get him started.

Alaina and Sister JUMP
The girls concentrated on jumping out in the big arena.  I tried to get good pictures but after years of timing with Pico (always reluctant to jump), I had some trouble getting my timing right.  Sister seems to like jumping but really jumps BIG!  Ahab and Trouper enjoy jumping as well.
Kathy, Mallory, and Nancy joined me for the party lesson on Saturday morning and we all had a great lesson.  Mallory was working Grace and had some good canters before the lesson started.  Kathy and Call worked on counter canter loops and did well too.  Nancy did a good job with Zoe now that Doc is retired and she may try Missy in the next few weeks.

Ivy and Ahab taking a break
Splash and I worked on dressage for the first time in months since we were concentration on Trail and western for the fair.  Our leg yields in trot were pretty good once I stopped asking for to much bend but Patty asked me to sit upright rather than leaning back which is a habit built on long time work to fight the fetal position and curling toes.  When in the correct position, I felt very tilted forward.  Further training needed.  Our canters were fair with only one missed lead and two drops to trot.

Malloy & Gracie
The girls had drill again on Sunday and Splash got to go along for a ride and a little work.  We cantered on a long rein to help Splash practice maintaining gait w/o leaning on my hands.  We worked some trail obstacles too. 

Pico has an appointment Monday morning for more evaluation for his persistent lameness.  Cross fingers for a fast recovery since Ivy is pining for her pony to ride. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tulsa State Fair Report

First the Bad News.  Pico is STILL off on the left front.  This is after rest, joint supplement, vet checks, xrays that indicated possible coffin bone involvement due to long toe, trimming said long toe, rest, more vet checks, injections, more rest...  So, Ivy rode Splash in the Tulsa State Fair (TSF).

Next the good news.  Sunny has made improvement in his movement since going on a Legends treatment and, after having some right lead canter issues at the county fair, took correct leads at the TSF.

Both girls had good rides at the fair and both came home with an 8th place ribbon; Ivy for Hunt Seat Eq and Alaina for Western Horsemanship. 

Alaina rode a near perfect Hunt Seat Eq pattern after she started on the wrong side of the cone (ooops).  And Ivy rode Splash very well, although she is still very sad that Pico is having problems.

Brooke, Ivy, Lyndsey, Alaina, and Paige
4-H show season is now over for 2012.  We still have several dressage shows ahead as well as the drill team competition in early November.  AND some trail rides in the lovely fall weather with my favorite YaYa Sisters.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Rogers County Fair Time

Fall arrived just in time for the Rogers County Free Fair - a bit cooler and just enough rain to make mud in the parking lot.  We will take any rain any time.
Patty and Nancy came to the show to visit and see our Trail class
I planned to ride Splash in both English and Western and, as you may know, planned to ride Western on Splash for the first time with a goal of riding Trail.  Both Patty C and Dawn D have given me Western direction during several lessons over the past few weeks, so it was time to give it a try. 
 We started the day with Showmanship and Splash has really improved most skills (last year we almost ran over the judge).  We still do not have a pivot so we can work on that for next year.  Splash does trot/walk/stand on command and holds steady for inspection.  His handler forgot to back up (which Splash does when asked) but Splash didn't know the pattern so we placed 5th (i.e., last).  Hunter Under Saddle was OK but both Tami and Naomi beat us fair and square.  Hunt Seat Eq was good as well, but Tami and Packer are more polished - so Splash and I got 2nd.  I know you won't believe it, but Splash and I skipped jumping.
Splash and I took 2nd in both Western Pleasure and Western Horsemanship after Tami and Packer.  Splash made prompt and correct transitions and, although fast and a little high headed at the canter, did well. 
The trail pattern started with a pivot to back through cones to a pivot trot transition.  We did the first pivot well and got through half of the cones before I got a little heavy with my cues and Splash got tense.  We managed to finish the back though and pivot but Splash was a little sticky and our trot transition was slow.  We trotted over poles and then needed left lead canter circles over poles (box) continuing around to stop and step into the box.  The circle was very tight and close to the end of the pen so the canter needed to stay right to allow the turn in time.  Splash wanted to drift left so I had to really hold strong left leg and work very hard to keep the canter.  It wasn't pretty but we did the elements.  Then, the 360 in the box went well, and the final three obstacles were good (bridge, gate, trot/walk to end).  The result?  First Place!  Very Exciting and I am very proud of Splash.

Tami and Packer rule the Day while Denise gave coaching advice.

Ivy and Alaina also showed at the Rogers County Fair and they had entries in the exhibit hall as well.  The girls made bread and wood burning art; Ivy entered a photograph.  They showed well in the horse show on Saturday and then on Sunday participated in the Fun Show and helped with the Cloverbud Show.  In between, they got a few rides in at the carnival and had some fair food. 

Both Sunny and Pico developed soundness issues in early August.  Several vet visits and treatments later, and Sunny is getting better but Pico is not.  So, Alaina was able to ride Sunny (although his right lead canter was inconsistent) and Ivy used Sister in Showmanship and Halter and rode Splash in the western classes.  Alaina rode Sister over jumps (cross bars).  Both had fun but Ivy misses her horse.
Now that fall is here, I look forward to some lovely evening YaYa Rides in my future and to get a little more western practice in before next show season.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Introducing...... YaYa Riders II

After several years of blogging, the Ya-Ya Riders site began to have problems when posting photographs - one of my favorite things to do.  Therefore, YaYa Riders II is here.

Since I have missed a few weeks of blogging, here is a quick note about the September 8th weekend horsey activities. Friday evening an intense wind storm came though with a cool front causing wind speeds of more than 50 mph for several hours. Semi-trucks and trailer homes were overturned and there were many power outages, roof and shingles blown off, and lots of downed trees. Drill practice was cancelled.

Rocking C Drill Team - 9/9/2012 - First Perfomance

On Saturday, we all gathered at Patty’s for the party lesson - Ivy with Ahab, Alaina and Sister, and Roxy on Trouper at 10; me on Splash and Mallory with Mario at 11. We worked on Dressage in preparation for the Rocking C show on Sunday.

Ivy didn't show because Pico was still off on his left front.  Alaina showed Sister and I showed Splash.  Both horses were pretty well behaved and our scores were:

Splash and I received 63.958 in T1 (1st)  and 63.6 in T3 (5th).  Trot circles were good in T1 with scores of 7 and 7.5 and an 8 on the final halt.  Judge Laurie H says canter needs better balance but she sees improvement since last year.  Alaina and Sister scored 58.583 in T1 and 65.800 in T3 including a 7 on halt at X in T1.  Sister needs to develop stretch to improve scores on the stretchy circles as well as free walk;  Also, she is fussy on contact.  Judge Laurie says to support Sister in all gaits and to develop contact.
We celebrated Roxy's birthday with CUP CAKES!

The drill team preformed during the lunch break - all eight members rode and gave a good performance.  Members are:  Alaina O, Allison R, Anna R, Ashlyne D, Ivy O, Lauren, Marilyn B, and Roxy B.  Alaina has been riding Sister for drill since early August and will continue with Sister for the season.  Ivy has been riding Ahab (Cynthia R's Arab) since Pico has been off and may continue to do so if Pico doesn't recover.